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==The NewAge of Visual LISP is new programming language C++LISP.. UserCAD write C++LISP source and will resulte after the compiling process the full source LISP ascii plain text. For all CAD's platforms. The programe TopoVlexC have three mode of compilation:

a) compile the source C++LISP and result LISP program 
b) transform the source C++LISP  into  Visual C++ObjectARX
c) import old source LISP plan text ascii into C++LISP language in mode fast and automatic mode

HomePage .. is ......lisp2arx forum== =="Unfortunately the biggest problem is due to AutoLisp not evolving as the other branches of Lisp has. It was originally taken from XLisp in the mid 80's and has not grown (in Lisp terms) " Download the last version from==

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